FAQ's :
1.Whom do I contact incase of any query?
Ans:Click at shambhu@yogayog.com and send in your request with contact details. We shall get back to you within 24 hours.
2.Whom do I contact incase of any query?
Ans:Absolutely safe.
3.How many days will it take to deliver my shipment?
Ans:Click at Transit Time Calculator
4.How much will it cost to send my shipment?
Ans:Click at Rate Calculator
5.What kind of shipments cannot be booked by me through Yogayog?
Ans:Click at Prohibited Items
6.Can I open an account with Yogayog for your services?
Ans:Click at shambhu@yogayog.com and send in your request along with contact details, date & time convenient to you in the body of the mail, so that our representative can visit you.
7.Can I change the address of a shipment that is not yet been delivered?
Ans:Yes, please get in touch with the booking branch, alternatively click at shambhu@yogayog.com (with the subject ‘Change in Delivery Address’, giving you contact details, new address and consignment number)
8.How can I locate a shipment that has been sent to me / has been sent by me?
Ans:Click at Track your shipment
9.Can I have a list of your service locations?
Ans:Click at Service Locations
10.How important is my feedback / suggestions to Yogayog?
Ans:We greatly value your suggestions / opinions, which helps us to serve you better at all times.
11.How can I register a pickup?
Ans:Click at Pickup Request
12.Where can I get the details of Remote Area Services?
Ans:Click at Remote Area Services
13.What is Volumetric weight and how it is calculated?
Ans:Click at Volumetric Weight
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